Announcement: International Youth Meeting “Ideas which are Flags”


Cuban youth announces the tribute to Fidel by holding the Online International Youth Meeting “Ideas which are Flags” from 24 to 26 November, 2020, under the slogan of “Unity for solidarity, anti-imperialism and anti-neoliberalism: transformations necessary in this time of Covid”. We are inviting youth leaders and outstanding personalities from around the world

Humankind is experiencing an unprecedented multi-dimensional crisis that is aggravated by the devastating impact of Covid-19, an impact which has gone beyond the sphere of health. Millions of people have been infected with the disease and hundreds of thousands of people have died, demonstrating the disaster of the capitalist system´s neoliberal policies which aggravate inequalities and the contempt for life.

Peace is threatened, wars and conflicts destroy peoples and civilizations; aggressive actions against the environment and climate change make the degradation of life on earth practically irreversible; blockades and unilateral coercive measures, violations of human, gender, and international rights, unemployment, and the lack of access to education and health services increase social injustice and poverty; this impacts mainly on children, adolescents and young people who are bombarded by a subversive cultural media war aiming to erase history and alienate them from the pressing problems of society.

We must analyze and propose actions to contribute facing and seeking solutions to these complex challenges, for us to be able to recover and attain economic development and social welfare for our peoples, raising the flags of unity in diversity, defending anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal ideas as tactics and strategies to achieve victory. 

We will debate in a key-note forum on Fidel´s thinking which is valid and necessary in these times, and we will hold a cultural evening in commemoration of his passing.  We will also hold a special forum on peace and convene encounters by region to share our realities in defense of and in solidarity with the just causes of the peoples, and to promote cooperation ensuring the availability of medicines and vaccines for all in order to save lives in this pandemic. The closing session will issue a statement promoting the unity of the youth of the world, with their struggles and demands, and in solidarity with Cuba.  There will be on online international youth concert.

Participate using the following communication labels: #IdeasWhishAreFlags; #FidelForever; #YoungLeftists; on the website;; and also from the @UJCuba social networks.

One year after taking place in Havana, we will continue with the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Encounter, for Democracy and against Neoliberalism.

The encounter will be led by the new generations of militants who represent the continuity of action in the defense of progressive ideas for a better world. We will be joined by personalities from all regions who personify references for the young people of the world.

We propose to get together to coordinate anti-imperialist unity and solidarity. We declare ourselves to be the faithful followers of the historic generations; we are united by the legacies of our forefathers of independence and of the heroes and martyrs who have shown us the path. 

The Cuban youth and student movement, along with mass and social organizations, invites you to make this encounter a call for the struggle of the united youth of the world against imperialism. We shall fight, we shall live and we shall overcome!

Onward to victory, forever!

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