Mensaje de condolencias de la Asociación de Amistad Barbados-Cuba #HastaSiempreComandante

Ambassador of Cuban
Embassy of Cuba

Dear Ambassador:

The Cuban Barbadian Friendship Association, Pan African Coalition of Organisations and the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration stand in Solidarity with the Government and People of Cuba and at the death of President Fidel Castro. President Fidel Castro is one of the world leaders that have defended the poor and powerless of the world and the African Liberation Struggles. He defended the Youth, Women, Workers, Farmers and other groups against USA and all other forms of Imperialist Forces.

We solute the leadership of President Fidel Castro and we will continue to support the leadership and People of Revolutionary Cuba and its stand to defend the poor and powerless People of the world. We will never forget the International Solidarity work and action by the Cuban Revolution.

I will cry with my revolutionary tears at the death of President of Fidel Castro but I will commit my life to defending the Cuban Revolution that started in 1976 when I first join the movement of solidarity with the Cuban People. I will also today looking back at the times that I stared to visit Cuba from 1984 and my first meeting with President Fidel Castro as a Youth Leader of Barbados Youth Council in 1985 at the Debt Crisis Meeting in the Republic of Cuba.

Solidarity with Cuba.


Long live the Cuban Revolution.
Yours together in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution.

David McDonald Denny

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